Barkly-East is a picturesque, small town nestled in the Southern tip of Drakensberg.  Well-known for its white winters, as snow is commonplace.  Like Barkly West, the town is named after Sir Henry Barkley, governor of the Cape Colony from 1870 – 1877 and it was also part of the historic 157km Aliwal North-Lady Grey – Barkley East Railway line, which meanders through the Witteberg Mountains.  Part of the old train can still be seen in Barkley East today.

Only 60km from the heritage town, Rhodes and close to Elliot, Lady Grey and Sterkspruit – this area is well-known for trout fishing, ancient rock-art, rugged mountains, breathtaking scenery, off-road bikers, adventure sports and 4×4 trails.  The town residents is mostly farmers who farm with sheep wool, sheep and cattle.

Barkly-East offers great accommodation, restaurants, pubs and other services.  It is also is a great stopover if you want to travel to Rhodes or Tiffendell.  They also offer interesting san art close by and many other adventure activities like hiking, bike riding and 4 x 4 trails and more.